BLDEA’s AVS Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Vijayapura

Central Library

Central Library


BLDEA's AVS Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya has a huge sized Central library hall having area around 300 Sqm. accommodating separate reading facility to faculty, staff & students with comfortable sitting arrangements.

Library is always the central point of all studies & research work to access information is a vital key in developing the individual’s potentiality. Our Library well catalogued and equipped with latest IT systems to enable easy classification, placement and retrieval.

The Interventions of Information Technology has provided a great gap in the case of Library automation services. The Library is computerized with all the features of library management system. The library also maintains e-books for students and it has the digital library facility for all the students with the internet connections. Every year, new books are purchased after getting recommendations of the concerned teachers. There is a separate Library Committee which after assessing the need of books and other ICT tools in the library arranges for their purchase and ensures their regular maintenance with the consultation of the Principal. It also ensures healthy and hygienic study environment in the library.

BLDEA AVS Ayurveda College & Research Centre, Bijapr, Karnataka

There is optimum utilization of library facility in the college and the library reading lounge is almost full round the day. Every student is provided sufficient books according to his/her needs. At a time five books are issued for 15 days to the students and later on get them reissued or exchanged them with new books. The charge of Rs. 10/delayed day is imposed to the students if not deposited in 15 days from issue.

Students have access to the finest collection of contemporary books and journals which supplement the prescribed reference books and text books, providing students an opportunity to gain significant appreciation Ayurveda subjects, going well beyond the classroom- based programs.

The facilities of Book Bank, Inter Library Loan, Lamination, Photocopy Computerized Information Services, reprographics, drinking water etc. are available for readers. The library has a collection of thousands documents, notes. The working hours of the library are 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. In the Library, Internet access is provided so that students may access resource materials, e-learning video and other educational aids instantly in real time while the lecture is in progress.

We have maintain well stocked of 10168 books on varied subjects with latest editions of books both for reference and text and have subscription to 30 print/ online version of national and international journals besides access to a host of e-journals. It also subscribes to various newspaper and periodicals, magazines for the information and update of their knowledge. Fully automated and all the in-house operations performed by the library management software in all the associated libraries which improve the users’ services & have a digital catalogue for quick search of books. Large reading room with comfortable environment will be provided for students & staff separately.

BLDEA AVS Ayurveda Bijapur

Details of Books Available in Central Library

S.No. Particular Available quantity
1 Ayurveda related Books 9387
2 Modern Medicine related Books 1440
3 Others Books 1896
4 Medical Journals 25
5 Total Number Of Books 12,748
6 News papers 07